Thursday, August 28, 2014

How It Should Have Ended...FRIENDS

Lately, I've been catching all these awesome reruns. Older episodes of The Big Bang Theory (love!), Full House and FRIENDS.

In May, 2004, after the last episode of Friends, I wanted to raise my hand in the air and offer a suggestion. A big, huge, major suggestion on how the whole show should have been changed--starting from the birth of Emma.

Here it is. Picture this. Rachel's laying in the hospital bed, snuggling with her new, precious baby girl. She's as beautiful and fresh as every woman after a delivery on TV. Her and Ross agree to move in together (which, yes, I know does happen). They both look at the life they created and think, "Hey, let's give it another shot." Hilarious moments ensue. Ross can throw around the "We were on a break!" after he and Rachel fight. Rachel can toss back, "Well we're not on a break right now." They'll fight, kiss, be jealous...everything that's supposed to happen in a sitcom. But here's the big change: they're together.

A few things I would love to have deleted from the entire show: Rachel and Joey together. Ever. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Then they decided the show was almost over and they couldn't have Rachel and Joey together if everyone wants to see Rachel and Ross back together by the end. So the most awkward kissing scene in the history of television ensued. *DELETED* You're welcome. That whole debacle is gone. Never happened. You know why? That's right: Ross and Rachel are together.

Here's a good change: Phoebe's engagement and wedding get made into a bigger deal. Did anyone else feel like she got glanced over. Like, "Oh, she's in love. She needs her happy ever after, too. Here, get married in the snow. There you go. All done. Let's move on." Phoebe looked gorgeous in her dress, the wedding in the snow was beautiful, but Ross's failed marriage to Emily and his elopement with Rachel got more hoopla than Phoebe's wedding. Me no likey.

Speaking of Ross and Rachel's elopement, here's where it gets sticky. On the one hand, they could've stayed married. On the other, Ross could have followed through, gotten the annulment, THEN proposed to Rachel to get married for real, in front of guests and in a church. What? That's just crazy talk.

Now, for the grand finale. The last episode. At some point in the seasons after Emma was born, Ross proposes romantically to Rachel--maybe at the planetarium at the museum where Ross and Rachel, you know, for the first time. Anyways, on to the last episode. What I like to call "The One Where Ross and Rachel Get Married"--not witty or ironic, but to the point. This is what the last episode should have been. Emma as the flower girl. Ben is a groomsman. And in the middle of the ceremony, Erica (Monica and Chandler's babies' momma) goes into labor. And you know Anna Farris could have done an awesome over the top labor scene. And in the ensuing chaos, Ross and Rachel say "I do," kiss and rush off to see the twins born.

The End. And that's how it should have ended.