Monday, October 18, 2010

Maiden Voyage

So here I am, having previously forsworn blogs and ever creating one, making my maiden voyage on the vast sea of the internet.

Kind of dipping my toes in the water, trying it out, I'm sure I'll be a spotty blogger for now. But for anyone who follows me (even those of you who do it out of kindness or strong arming!), be honest and open with your comments.

This might be my easiest blog ever- because I'm going to talk briefly about myself! I met my husband ten years ago when I proclaimed I didn't want a committed relationship, was tired of looking for love and never finding it, and God plopped him in my lap less than a month later! All five of my dogs (all Italian Greyhounds) are in my heart, but my three boys reside only there now. My two girls, the Queen and Princess (really Shadow and Sasha, but they know their places in our house!), command belly rubs and treats from my husband and me, their most faithful servants *bow*. 

I am currently a nurse and absolutely love it. The patients are the best, the skills I get to utilize fascinate me, and my coworkers...let's just say as I type this I'm being distracted by my iPhone and Words With Friends!

But the purpose of creating this blog is because of my writing. I wrote my first short story when I was eight years old. I've written hundreds of poems, half of them torn up and tossed as garbage, in true fickle poet form. And finished my first novel a year ago this month. Then I started working with a critique group (who are the best!) and realized how much work starts after you finished your sh-tty first draft! And now I'm almost finished with my second and could never have gotten this far without many people-most specifically Anna and Lisa. So, even if this comes to naught, which I don't expect it to, thank you both of you. And Anna, you'll be my first follower so you can tell me how wonderful my story is and how it would be nowhere without your guidance and critiques!

My girls are commanding attention-they feel I owe them for forcing a bath on them! So until later...

Heather Rebel

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  1. Whoever Shane is, I am not speaking to him ever again. I wanted to be your first follower!