Friday, September 6, 2013

Superheroes and September #writemotivation

Looking back at my previous blogs, I did my very first writemotivation last September. Ha ha! And then I really slacked off...oops.

And, as many writers know, the writing world is very much a waiting game. The industry is super busy and your MS will be reviewed in the order in which it was received--which could take months. So while I funnel my limited patience to, well, waiting, I'm getting my tush in gear (again).

I'm currently very fortunate to have the work schedule of every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Because of that, I'm going to bend the writemotivation rule for posting my blogs on Mondays and due them on Thursday/Fridays instead because Fridays are my Monday. This gives me the whole week to work towards my goals so I can update my progress, etc.

As the entire world knows, Ben Affleck's been cast as the new Batman in the far-far-far-away Superman sequel. In the entire superhero universe, Superman is my most favoritest superhero. Now, I haven't read any comics. This is based solely on movies and TV shows. I will confess that my love started with Dean Cain on Lois and Clark. And I did not completely hate Superman Returns with Brandon Routh, honestly I kinda liked it. Then, there's Tom Welling on Smallville. I'm not forgetting Christopher Reeve from the original movies--I love his "aw, shucks, Lois" Superman.

When they cast Henry Cavill as the newest Superman/Clark Kent: fangirl overload.

Every single actor they cast in the movie I love, with the except of Russell Crowe. That almost put me over the edge, but that can be for another blog.

Anyways, the casting of Ben Affleck of Batman I didn't immediately love or hate. I, again against the norm, enjoyed Daredevil. Do I think they have some serious screws loose to recast Batman this close to the "retirement" of the amazingly awesome Christian Bale's Batman. Oh, yes, totally crazy of them. Few actors completely embody a superhero so completely.

The most relevant example of this is Robert Downey Jr as Ironman. Perfect. You don't see RDJ on the screen, you see Tony Stark. The second closest is Christian Bale as Batman. But the difference there is the entire Batman trilogy focused on Christian Bale AS Batman, not so much of him as Bruce Wayne.

Now if you're thinking about Affleck having been Daredevil and seeing him take on a new superhero facade, think back to Chris Evans as The Human Torch in The Fantastic Four. The only actor in that movie I think was more their character than Chris Evans was Ioan Gruffudd as Mr. Fantastic. Chris Evans is another actor who becomes his superhero character so well that I forget I'm watching Chris Evans and see Captain America on the screen.

I'm cutting myself off there because thinking about Captain America makes me think about The Avengers and that makes me think about Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk (both also awesome casting choices).

Why is this all relevant? Because this isn't going to Christian Bale's Batman in the next Superman movie. This is what the new Batman's going to be:

     "I want you to remember, Clark. In all the years to come. In all your most private moments. I want you to remember my hand at your throat. I want you to remember the one man who beat you."

Holy goose bumps, Batman.

Again, I've not ready any of the comic books, but apparently Batman has not beaten Superman once, but twice. The only person to have done so. Do I love this--of course not. I love it as much as I love seeing Superman kissing Wonder Woman in fan art instead of him kissing Lois Lane--which is not at all. But is it going to be badass...hell yeah it is!

Okay, gotta wrap this up before I ramble on some more. Because that can totally lead me into a Justice League movie and who's gonna be The Flash (personally I think Ryan Reynold's would've been a better Flash than Green Lantern) and who's gonna be Wonder Woman (and I'm sure every fanboy across the world can't wait to see that movie poster).

                 1.) Here's my blog!
                 2.) Met my writing goal plus some (yay!)
                 3.) May have cheated on my reading--I re-read the Significance series by Shelly Crane. It falls under my genre, but it's self-pub'd and a series I'd already read.
                 4.) Have begun mentally exploring another idea and I'm going to start putting an outline into a doc next week. Hoping it won't take away from my WIP, which is currently acting like a petulant teenager and cooperating with difficulty.

To end this blog with some alliteration:

Superheroes, September, and Sexy Superman :)


  1. Great work on your goals! I enjoyed your thoughts on Superman/Batman... not being a big superhero fan myself, I still love reading about what other people love. But I *did* really enjoy Nolan's Batman films (I went to see them purely because of Gary Oldman, but ended up really enjoying them ;) and I have to say, when I heard a new Batman would be in a new film so close to Bale's Batman, I shook my head. Good ol' Hollywood.

  2. Hello fellow #writemotivator!

    Sorry, I just. You made me so excited about this upcoming movie now! I would love to fangirl with you over superheroes, because yes. Love Superman too, but I'll admit that I'm a complete Flash Fanatic. Wally over Barry. Because Wally is the best. I never really considered Ryan Reynolds in that role though ... so now I have to consider that. It almost blows my mind!

    Anyway, nice work on your goals for the week! And I don't think making your post on Friday is a bad thing. We all have to fit our stuff when we can. Good luck this week!

  3. such a fun post. isn't a great time to be a fan of these type of movies? yes, i think it is. i agree with you on ben affleck - give the guy a chance already. yeesh. there was almost as much fuss over him as james spader playing ultron. and seriously, i would watch james spader paint a wall. congrats on your goals. :)