Thursday, November 10, 2011

Clockwork Prince Review

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When I entered the contest to win an ARC of "The Clockwork Prince" here on goodreads, I never imagined I'd actually get one. I startled my husband, squealing with delight when I received the e-mail telling me I was one of the winners. And again when I received the package in the mail.

In "The Clockwork Prince", the Institute is still reeling from Mortmain's attack, recovering from the betrayal and loss. Tessa's avoiding Will and bonding with Jem. Charlotte and Henry's position as head of the London Enclave is in danger. Charged with finding Mortmain and stopping his threat of clockwork creatures, Tessa, Jem and Will travel to Yorkshire, looking for Mortmain's past and any clues to find him. What they find there rocks Will's world.

After her "Mortal Instruments" trilogy, I found the first book a little confusing and disappointing. Not the case in this sequel. The writing is excellent--I was drawn into the romance and the battles. The world came alive vividly inside my imagination. Told from multiple POVs including Tessa, Will and Sophie. If you love Will, you'll love his POV. Tessa's emotional conflicts between her and Will, her and Jem, and her and Nate tore me up. I laughed, moaned and had to sit on my hands to keep from pulling out my hair. The love triangle contorts itself into an awkward, sticky mess. More questions are raised as to WHAT Tessa is exactly.

For me, this book seemed more about dealing with the relationships amongst the characters and less about solving the riddle of Mortmain and Tessa--but not in anyway that left me unsatisfied. Only anxious for the next installment. I have every faith Cassandra Clare will wrap up the trilogy satisfactorily in "The Clockwork Princess".

This is my first review--I've made comments on a few books, but nothing like this. Hope it helps you decide to read it. And I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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