Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Clockwork Prince

Hey! If you hadn't heard, I wrote a book. Well, I've written two, but the first (as it always happens) needs a lot of work, so it's kind of on the back-burner for now. I began seriously querying agents the beginning of October and currently have my whole manuscript submitted exclusively with one agent and two requests for partials on hold.

Which is all completely awesome news, but how does that affect you? Well, here's the good news. I won an ARC (advanced readers copy) of The Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare. This awesomely talented author started out writing Harry Potter fan-fiction. I finished reading this book (the second in The Infernal Devices trilogy) within eight hours of opening the first page and I want to pay it forward. (I'll be buying the Nook version the day it's released--if that tells you how awesome this book is.)

But here's the catch--if you want to win this ARC (it's in pristine condition, I guarantee you'll never be able to tell I've read it) you have to follow my blog and twitter. To the right of this blog is an option that says "follow me on twitter"--click it and follow me. My goal is to become a more dedicated blogger and tweeter--especially with the potential for my book to be picked up and sold.

I'm reviewing The Clockwork Prince on If you search for me, Heather Rebel, you'll see me and any other reviews I've done. I've made a few comments on other books, but not a full review like I'll be doing on goodreads (which I will post here the same day).

So, to summarize--follow my blog and twitter by Monday, November 14. I'll announce the winner on Tuesday and have them send me an e-mail with their address and will ship out the book as soon as I receive the address.

Thanks and good luck!


  1. Hey! I follow both. Count me in. :-)

  2. So glad I stumbled across the tweet about your awesome giveaway!! Thanks so much for a chance to win, and HUGE congrats on the full fingers are crossed for you!