Monday, September 17, 2012

Laundry is never done #writemotivation

Should totally be in bed right now, worked the last 3 nights and signed up for tonight and possibly tomorrow, but I need clean scrubs. The hospital might frown on me showing up in real pajamas. So I have about 20 minutes left on the washer before I throw the wet clean clothes in with the dry clean clothes still in the dryer. I'm running low on socks so I might actually have to put them all away at some point.

Accomplished one of my weekly goals last week--went to the gym three times! Yay, me! Went again this morning and I felt good as I was driving home. Almost satisfied, like my muscles were waiting for the workout and happy with what I did. *Sigh* Guess that means I'll be going again.

Got to finish one book while I was on the elliptical/treadmill. That accomplished my weekly goal from two weeks ago. In my defense, I started The Girl of Fire and Thrones but knew within the first chapter I was going to love it. Now I know what agents mean when they read a submission from a potential author. You. Just. Know. But I digress. After I got into the second chapter, I had to google the series to see when the second book comes out. Tomorrow. It comes out tomorrow. And that's almost too long a wait. I knew I'd be like this, antsy and impatient for the 2nd book, so I waited to read it until the release date was closer. But do you know what comes next? The wait for the 3rd book. Which I'm sure will be even worse because 2nd books tend to do that.

Let me just tell you how much I needed The Girl of Fire and Thrones. I read Struck beforehand and was kinda disappointed. The writing was good, but the story frustrated the crap out of me. I knew half-way through what the "plot twists" were going to be and the character's Lois-Lane-esque ignorance about another character's true identity made me want to face plant into the desk.

My biggest "Yay" moment was being able to send my awesome agent my next 50 pages. I think I might have bitten off more than I could chew by wanting to do 50 pages a week...but I did do about 30 pages in one day, so maybe I just need to keep reminding myself that I have a story I love that I want the world to love and I actually have to get it out of my head in order for that to happen. Do you notice this common theme in my posts? Get your head out of your a-- and get it done?! I do. :)


  1. "Got to finish one book while I was on the elliptical/treadmill."

    Way to go! Talk about leveraging your multi-tasking ability.