Tuesday, September 4, 2012

#writemotivation Hello, September

Awesome agent signed an awesome writer several months ago. She has this crazy thing she does every month to keep writers motivated and focused. Whoda thunk it? Make goals, tweet and blog your progress, be cheered on by other writers. Insanity, right? :) My stubborn self finally realized I need something like this to keep me accountable for the writing I need to be doing.

It's super easy to let my mind wander, download a new book...find anything else to do beside write. There's no reason why my revisions aren't getting done--it's all on my head.

So here are my goals:

1.) Revise/rewrite at least 50 pages/week on IMMUNITY draft 3.2.

2.) Read at least 1 YA book in the same genre as mine a week.

3.) Get to the gym at least 3xs/week

4.) Tweet at least once a day on something writing/read relevant.

Part of write motivation is blogging once a week. That and the tweeting are gonna be the hardest goals. Reading 1 YA book will be the easiest. Don't get me wrong, there will be much more reading going on, but at least one of the books I'll be reading will be a YA book. *sigh* If you knew all the "trash" I read...all that time could, should, be put towards writing.

Here's where I'm starting:

1.) On page 57 of my revisions, 14, 217 words. Goal my the end of this week is page 107, if not further. This isn't that difficult. It's all rearranging stuff from the previous draft and adding some new scenes. All of it's already in my mind, ready to get onto the page, it's just up to me to get it done.

2.) *Shhhh* Don't tell the hubby about all the unread YA books on my Nook. I have plenty of choices. Let's see, I think I'll read The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson.

3.) Getting to the gym serves two purposes--the first, I lost a lot of weight after I evicted my gallbladder and I'd like to keep it off and maybe lose a little more. Second, I've had many an epiphany while on the treadmill. Maybe it's the increase in blood flow, better perfusion to the brain, or there's nothing really to do but think while you're going for those 30 minutes...whatever the reason, it helps me write better and move past places I get stuck.

4.) Tweeting. I like to binge tweet. A day or two will pass without me even checking twitter, then I'll get on and tweet like there's no tomorrow. I need to increase my followers and to do that I need to tweet more.

Now on to the revisions. Doing this blog was kinda my way of procrastinating the writing :) Actually, I think I'll go ahead and get on KT's blog and follow all the other write motivation peeps. Then I'll write. I swear. I'm getting to it right after that...


  1. Awesome goals, Heather! You can totally do this. :D

  2. Whoot! You can do it!! I'm telling ya, Kt's crazy encouraging! She ropes people into these things, and makes us believe we can do it! Then we HAVE to at least give it our best, so not to let her down! *hands you a platter of cookies and runs off to edit too*

  3. welcome to the world of #writemotivation. it IS really important to read books in the genre you intend to write. there are plenty of great YA books out there. if you're not finding ones you like, ask for suggestions. writers always have great ideas. if you're still not finding ones you like, maybe you need to rethink what you're writing. there are many genres out there; maybe you just haven't found the one that speaks to you.

  4. Awesome goals and good luck doing them. If you need me to fling the Dino and some cookies your way, hit me up! :D He's always ready to wave them pom poms! :D