Saturday, August 13, 2011

X comes before J which after N but before B

Do I have you completely confused? Because I am.

While I wait for the response to my first query, I have this other story that just won't shut up. No, I'm not going to make it--it makes writing so much easier when your mind continuously conjures the story and you can see it playing in your head like a movie. My problem is that it's giving me different clips at a time.

The first scene I wrote, I was certain was going to be the first chapter. I introduce the protagonist and her love interest. Then another scene continued to pop in my mind. I tried and tried and tried to write that first scene, but this one pushed it out of the way before I could get three pages written. So I gave in. And wrote a whole two pages before ANOTHER "beginning" scene played out in my mind. Writing out of sequence conflicts with the OCD writer in me...but this new story won't let me do it any other way. I know what happens. I know who the bad guys are. I know the trials their relationship will face. I know how it will end and what I want to happen in the sequel. I just don't know what order this blooming thing's going to get written in and if I'm going to know how to arrange it.

I've placed two calls to specialists so I can understand the disability the love interest has and write about it accurately and am waiting to be able to meet up with them. For now, those scenes are like pencil sketches, waiting for the paint from the supplier so it can be colored in.

In the meantime, I have the second book on the one I have out for submission writing itself in my head, too. This one's going chronologically...except for the beginning. There's the general premise, a bright shining light and what comes next is a path of sheer black with the next scene another bright shining light. I'm missing the lightbulbs I need to illuminate that dark part...but I'll find it.

What's your technique for writing? Do you force your story to conform chronologically? Or do you write what your imagination gives you and put it in order later?


  1. I have learned that OCD & writing dont work well together (or my chapters would all have the exact amount of words. Just go with the flow. I just write & sometimes it's not in order. I have a whole doc jut for those scenes. When the time comes I add them in. Good feeling bc it took no time to pump your word count! I still have a few left & 1 I'm really excited to use. I just like to get the ideas down, helps to work ahead when your stuck too. I also have another doc called out takes so when I delete anything, it goes there in case want to reuse ( and I have).

  2. Ummm...Up until recently I didn't have a technique. I just wrote. Then, after I got a contract, I started to think, "Maybe I should have a technique." But the technique's not working out. The writing feels (and sounds!) forced. So now I'm back to writing down individual scenes in a notebook and piecing them together. Sometimes I write scenes waaaay before it's time. But I'm still working on the book, so that counts. :)Do it how it comes naturally to YOU.

  3. I've found out that OCD & writing doesn't mix! If it did, all my chapters would have the exact same number of words. Doesn't work well. I tend to just write what's in my mind. If it's in order or not. I have a doc for sections that don't go in order and put them in when time comes. Bumps up your word count quick when you use one. I also have one for stuff I delete, just in case I want to use it later.